Should You Give Your Dog CBD?

Should You Give Your Dog CBD?

At the moment, CBD products have flooded the market. This is because of the high demand for CBD products. You are most likely to have heard the name CBD being mentioned in various places. The popularity of CBD has increased due to the legalization of hemp and marijuana.

There have been some studies done, and the many health benefits of CBD discovered. Though some people are using CBD for recreational purposes, many use CBD to better their health.

Since you might be discovering that CBD is beneficial to dogs the first time, you might have your doubts.

CBD is one of the many active cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. It reacts with the endocannabinoid system of both humans and dogs. It is essential to state that though there are many health benefits of CBD, more research needs to be done. This explains why some vets might not fully support giving your dog CBD.

The article will give you all the information you need to know about giving your dog CBD.

The Uses of CBD in Dogs

giving CBD oil to dogThere have been various studies that have shown reliable evidence that CBD has various health benefits to dogs. Many dog owners have given accounts on how CBD products like oils have helped their dogs live better lives. Many dogs suffer from anxiety, and CBD helps them be calm.

CBD has also been credited with helping dogs suffering from different types of pain. Various things can cause pain in dogs; it can be an injury or certain diseases. CBD also has anti-inflammatory properties that are crucial in helping dogs suffering from inflammation. CBD is also credited with helping dogs that are epileptic by reducing convulsions.

The Ways to Give Your Dog CBD

Many CBD pet products can be found in different dispensaries and online. They range from oils, treats, and creams. You should choose a product depending on your preference. The health reasons that have made you buy your dog CBD will determine the type of product to use and how to use it. A good example is that CBD oil is more effective than other CBD products in helping dogs that are epileptic.

There are more potential benefits of CBD to dogs that research is yet to confirm. You must seek guidance from your vet before giving your dog CBD.…

What to Expect If You Have a Pet Dog for the First Time

What to Expect If You Have a Pet Dog for the First Time

Getting a dog, they say. That fluffy friend of us indeed brings happiness and excitement to our lives. Their puppy eyes will keep reminding us about how cheerful and bright everything can be. And the way they wait for us at the door shows us how loyal they are when everyone else leaves us. Dogs are indeed man’s best friend.

However, for the first-timers, keeping a pet dog can be troublesome if they get the wrong expectation. You cannot just bring a new pet dog to your house and believe everything is going to be okay. There are some factors to consider and some things to prepare first.


a puppyThe first thing you must anticipate is your dog’s bark. When a dog gets into a new environment, it will need some time to adjust before it can feel comfortable. And during that adjustment period, the dog can feel agitated and upset by small things.

You should not apply your reasoning to the dog’s unexplained behavior. The dog may bark when you open the bathroom’s door. It may also grunt and show its fangs when you turn out a vacuum cleaner. Your dog will bark and cause noises that may disturb your neighbors.

First, it will be better if you consult a friend who is experienced at handling dogs and make him/her your mentor. Dogs are highly trainable, but it depends on the owner. A dog who disregards his/her owner as their leader will often disobey the owner’s commands.

Active Lifestyle

evening walk with a dogA sedentary lifestyle is unfit for dogs. If you do not like to take a walk, then you should be better to change your mind. Dogs need an active lifestyle. Otherwise, they can get depressed and aggressive toward new people and other dogs.

Owning a dog requires a firm commitment to living actively. Get yourself a dog harness for running, and go outside every evening after you come home from your work. A walk in the park in every two or three days is enough for the dogs not to feel bored and unhappy.

Flea/Tick Infestation

petting a dogIf you want your dog to be free from parasites, you should bathe him/her regularly. If you allow him/her to go outside freely, then they cannot be 100 percent flea-free. What is worse about dog’s parasites is that they can breed an infestation throughout the house. You will find yourself sleeping on a bed full of ticks and fleas.

Therefore, when you want to bring a dog in, you should be ready to vacuum clean your house more frequently than before. Occasional fogging is sometimes necessary because flea/tick infestation can be inevitable. You must not be mad at your dog when such misfortune happens because it is beyond their will. Besides, dogs are animals who do not have conscience and thoughts. You are the one to blame for your slovenly lifestyle if your house turns out to be infested with dog parasites.…